Remote Start season has arrived!

Finally, the 80 plus degree weather seems to have retreated, making room for the crisp fall air. Premier Car Audio is ready too! Check out our new lineup of Remote Starts! We’ve added some familiar brands like Audiovox, and beefed up our selection of remotes to upgrade your Compustar or Arcticstart unit.

All of our remote starts are installed by MECP certified technicians, and our installations come with a lifetime warranty. Call us today to find out what we can do for you! (734) 369-3408

We’ve Moved!

In case you’ve been looking for us- we’re here!

Our new location is 5060 Jackson Avenue Suite E, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

We had an unfortunate circumstance that forced us to move from our original location without notice. Luckily, the guys at Meineke on West Stadium Blvd. were kind enough to invite us in for a couple months. Thanks to their hospitality, we’re still here!

Our new shop is bigger (we can now fit excursion vans!) and better, and we have plans for some exciting additions. Check in with us, and we’ll keep you updated on the progress.

In the meantime, feel free to call or stop by the shop. We’re there 6 days a week, and always happy to help!

Kenwood Ships 7-Inch Flagship Radios


KENWOOD USA is about to ship its 7-inch all-wireless CarPlay/Android Auto radios, originally delayed by the bankruptcy of a major LCD panel supplier out of Taiwan.

Five of the 7 new models are among the first from Kenwood to include both Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Wireless.

The products were announced in January and scheduled for March release. However,  the bankruptcy of LCD maker Chunghwa Picture Tubes, CPT, forced Kenwood to delay its radios with 7 inch panels until June.  The company said it is happy to be shipping slightly ahead of schedule in time for the summer selling season.

“We are extremely pleased to ship these multimedia receivers ahead of schedule,” said Scott Caswell, senior marketing manager for KENWOOD USA. “…We are eager to get them on the shelves of our retailers so they can meet the heavy summer autosound demand.”

All seven models allow screen viewing angle adjustment, onboard control of Spotify and Pandora, and the ability to connect up to two smartphones via Bluetooth.  They work with Maestro interfaces and are SiriusXM ready.

Two of the models are mechless (without CD or DVD)—the KENWOOD DMX7706S (MSRP$ 599.95) and eXcelon DMX706S ($649.95). They also have a new shorter chassis to fit more vehicles.

The other three new models in the KENWOOD line are all wireless with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, connectivity and control over the KENWOOD DashCam, 3 camera inputs, the ability to “mirror” the screen of an Android-powered smartphone on the receiver’s screen, customizable screen widgets, and a second USB port.

The DDX8706S ($899.95) includes a CD / DVD player and the DMX9706 ($799.95) adds HD Radio and gold-plated 5.0-volt pre-outs. The DNR876S ($1399.95) also includes HD Radio and Garmin navigation.

The two full-size KENWOOD eXcelon multimedia receivers have enhanced screen quality with a capacitive touch panel, as well as providing all the features from the other models, excluding navigation. The eXcelon DMX906S ($849.95) is mechless but the eXcelon DDX8906S ($949.95) includes CD and DVD playback.

KENWOOD USA reps will provide exact dates as the models ship.

For more information visit


99% Invisible podcast causes strange problems on car stereo

Ever had a strange tech problem that you couldn’t figure out? The podcast Reply All strives to solve these problems in a regular segment they produce. The most recent issue involved a car stereo refusing to play any episodes from another podcast, 99% Invisible. The gang at Reply All follow hunches, talk to experts, and finally arrive at the conclusion.

No spoilers here- go download episode 140: The Roman Mars Mazda Virus. If you’ve never listened to a podcast, and are from this planet, where have you been?? Either way, I’m betting you’ll enjoy this segment, and perhaps you’ll become as addicted to podcasts as I am. You’re welcome.

SiriusXM Adds 100 Channels to App

SiriusXM Thursday debuted 100 new commercial-free music channels as part of its streaming app.

In some cases, the new channels combine music from two or more traditional SiriusXM stations, or they include newly created formats.

For example, SiriusXM offers Channel 8 for 80s fans.  New streaming channels include a Top 100 for the 80s, 80s on 8 Workout and 80s on 8 Party.  Country music fans now get Prime Country Top 100, Prime Country 80s Hits and Prime Country Party; and BPM listeners who follow dance music now have options including BPM Top Hits, BPM Discovery and BPM Workout.

A full list of new channels may be viewed at

Called Xtra Channels, the new stations are available to SiriusXM All Access and SiriusXM Premier Streaming subscribers via the SiriusXM app, web player, and select connected devices. Trail subscribers can also receive Xtra Channels.

Subscribers can also preview some of the Xtra Channels on SiriusXM Spotlight (channel 4) on SiriusXM radios in their vehicles through March.

With the new Xtra Channels, the SiriusXM app now offers more than 300 channels.


Eerie Frequency

We’ve all heard about the fictional Brown Note (brown note), but there is a very real low frequency that does actually impact us.

Infrasound, sound waves less than 20 hertz (Hz | cycles per second), is too low for most humans to hear, but it’s thought (proven, really) that that range of sound can resonate with us and our surroundings. Now, resonant frequencies are the lowest common denominator that vibrates a given structure. There’s a specific frequency within the infrasound that is thought to resonate specifically with human eyeballs (18.98 Hz). It’s thought that this frequency is to blame for seeing things out of the corner of your eye or for feelings of paranoia (which Michigan might be seeing a lot more of) due to it vibrating your eye balls and causing things to go slightly out of focus.

This all started with Vic Tandy, a British engineer, who kept seeing things out of the corner of his eyes while he was working alone in his lab in the middle of the night. It didn’t help that the lab he was working in was rumored to be haunted, but like any logical scientist, he narrowed the cause down to the ventilation fan. It turned out that the fans were spinning at the right rotations per minute to cause the ventilation system to vibrate at exactly 18.98 Hz. He went on to find that this very low frequency can be observed at numerous “haunted” locations due to fans, generators, water systems, or transit systems.

If you feel especially adventurous, you can listen to these youtube tracks that play those tones, but be sure to be using a listening device that can properly reproduce the tones (your Beats earbuds won’t cut it). These tones CAN be reproduced in car audio, and we’ll be happy to match you up with the speaker system you need to spook the hell out of your passengers.

Top 6 Reasons to choose Arctic Start

1. Heating your vehicle

When most people hear remote start, they think of winter time. Remote starters are most popular in colder climates, where they can be used to heat the interior of your vehicle while defrosting the windows. This eliminates the need to scrape your windows, and having to sit in an ice cold car waiting for it to warm up.

2. Cooling your vehicle

Having a remote starter can also be beneficial in hot climates as well. On a nice 80° sunny day your car’s temperature can climb over 130°. In these conditions a remote starter can be beneficial as it allows your car to cool down before entry. No more burning yourself on that hot seat or steering wheel.

3. Improved range and communication over factory remote

Your vehicle may have come with remote start from the factory. If this is the case, you have probably noticed the limited range of your factory remote. An aftermarket remote start system will allow you to add an additional remote that will extend the range. Range can be extended up to 1-mile with the Arctic Start Edge 2X remote.

Your factory remote most likely has 1-way communication, which means you can send a command but you will not receive confirmation on if that command was successful or not. With the addition of an Arctic Start remote you can reap the benefits of having 2-way communication. This will allow you to get confirmation from your vehicle regarding the command that was sent.

4. Ability to use smartphone to control your car

Arctic Start remote starter systems are customizable, and there are many items and features that can be added. One of these items is called DroneMobile. DroneMobile is an add-on item that allows you to use your smartphone to communicate with your vehicle. You will be able to start your vehicle form practically anywhere with a cellular connection. DroneMobile has many more benefits which you can read more about here.

5. Ability to add security

An Arctic Start remote start system will allow you to add security features as well. Protecting your vehicle and your items inside is very important, so adding extra security features can be highly beneficial.

6. Re-sell value

If you ever decide to sell your vehicle, a remote start and or security system can increase the value. Many people seek the comfort and convenience of having a remote starter system.

If you are leaning towards getting a remote starter installed, make sure you have it professionally installed. To find a local dealer near you, use Arctic Start’s Dealer Locator.

Cars are changing all the time. Don’t get left behind!

The cars of the future are here. Driverless, lane-sensing, wifi enabled cars are everywhere. Want some of the options without paying crazy prices at the dealership? PCA can help. We can update your safety features and add some luxury. As the automotive industry advances, so does the aftermarket industry. In fact, many products that now come standard in new vehicles were first created by the aftermarket industry. Count on us to keep you up to date.

Remote Start Deals!

Remote start deals, this weekend only! Get a remote start that controls door locks and car starter for the super low price of $169 installed! Regular price is $249. This deal includes installation from an MECP certified technician. Give us a call at (734)369-3408 or stop in 2452 W Stadium BLVD Ann Arbor, MI 48103 to schedule your appointment and lock down this special offer.


Happy Holidays!