Marine Audio

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Upgrade your watercraft with LED lighting, and enjoy the sunset
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How can you make this view more perfect? Just add music
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Stand out among the crowd with a quality Marine Rated system
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Whether you’re looking to overhaul your boat’s sound system with new tower speakers and subs, or just need weather resistant replacements, we’re here to help.

There are a variety of options to achieve a great sound on the water, and special considerations when installing electronics in a water prone environment.







Marine rated audio systems are intensely tested against the elements, making sure they hold up against sun, rain, heat and salt.
Boats are full of curves, and space is limited.  This makes the use of prefab speaker boxes less than ideal.
Our techs can fabricate custom boxes for a seamless look without wasted space.

What to look for in a Marine Head Unit

A marine stereo must be able to stand up to much harsher elements than in the typical automotive install. Wind, rain, sun, salt, and extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on sensitive electronics. Finding a tested unit from a reliable brand is imperative.

Some of the same considerations go into choosing stereo for a car or a boat:
  • What size is the unit you plan to replace? Single din units can be replaced with a larger unit, but will require more customization.
  • What type of music input do you need? (CDs, USB, DVD, Aux in, etc.)
  • What type of power will the head unit require? Some units would benefit from an external amplifier.
The HydroBLAST™ Series Includes HydroBLAST™ LED deck lights. These compact, simple to install accent LEDs shine light right where you need it, thanks to an integrated directional shade!
Perfect for accenting your cabin’s floor, walkways, stairways, closets, and inside cabinets. Use under railings and handrail for a unique look.
These versatile HydroBLAST LED deck lights can also be used outdoors in steps and stairs for decks, patios, docks. Embed in wood, composite materials, concrete, pavers, and more.
Adding underwater lighting to your vessel has never been easier. One small cable hole and a few mounting screws is all it takes. Race Sport Lighting’s Surface Mount Underwater LED lights compete with other LED models costing over twice as much. They boast a corrosion-proof, solid stainless steel body with a polycarbonate lens that is resistant to marine growth and does not require bonding or painting. Overheating is not a problem, due to the active thermal management system which manages the unit’s light output based on temperature. These lights can be installed below the waterline, and are ideal for transom, hull-side, and many other locations.
The Marine Sport Lighting designed Starboard and Port Side Bow Nav light kits are an amazing way to been seen better on the waterways at night, but still stay in compliance with federal waterway nav light color regulations. There is no doubt that with an increasing amount of boat owner on the waterways at night, that larger navigation light system to be seen by other nighttime boaters is a must. This kit comes in 1-4 foot options and can be molded to curves, bends, and angles to be universal for many watercraft. And while this is highly functional and performance designed in nature, it looks FABULOUS on any boat!