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Solamente Uno AMP

Kenwood 500 watt RMS with 2 Uno by Hertz 12″ subwoofers, $649 installed with sealed box

I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.

Kenwood 500 watt RMS amp plus Kenwood 12″ subwoofer  $499 installed with sealed box

Top 10 Car Amplifiers for 2019


Before we picked the top 10, we took a look into some of todays most popular brands, such as Pioneer amplifiers, Kenwood amplifiers, Sony amplifiers, Rockford Fosgate amplifiers, Pioneer amplifiers, JL Audio amplifiers, Alpine amplifiers, BOSS amplifiers, Pyle amplifiers, MTX amplifiers, and Kicker amplifiers.

Some of these are excellent amplifiers for subwoofers, usually called 1-channel or monoblock. Some are 2-channel or more which work great as amplifiers for your component speakers (although there you’d want an amplifier with the most channels). If you’re looking for the best car amplifiers to power your entire audio system, aim at the most available channels on an amplifier.


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Amp and Speakers

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Kenwood KAC-5001PS    500 watt RMS 1 channel amp, 2 ohm stable  $319 installed

Sony Amp


$149 installed

Got A Trunk Full Of Amps, M$%#&!@
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Free Amp Testing

Clipping is bad.  🙁  Oscilloscopes measure the input and output audio signals to and from your amplifier  to set the gain to the correct level without clipping.  Gain control is not volume control; volume is for consumers, gain is for technicians.

RTA stands for Real Time Analyzer. It measures the full bandwidth of the audio spectrum between 20 hz and 20k hz. Technicians will play a special noise through the stereo system and adjust the equalizer in order to achieve a flat response curve on the RTA




In a “one size fits all” world it is rare to see a company provide a wide range of options. The team at T-Spec understands how difficult it can be to find just the right product for your application. That is why the new T-Spec amp kit line features 28 different models to cover nearly every price, power and performance level imaginable! T-Spec amp kits utilize the finest materials to ensure maximum performance and hassle-free installation.

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