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A new car stereo can be an affordable upgrade

to change the whole look and feel of your car.

Whether you’re replacing a broken factory head unit,

or adding Carplay or Android Auto,

we can help you find the best solution.


Standard Radio Sizes

Single Din (Din) VS Double Din (DDin)

Most vehicle dashboards are able to accommodate either single (about 2.5″ x 7″) or double (about 4″ x 7″)  din stereos.
Single din stereos do not usually provide a screen,
but do have all the basic functions of modern car stereos.
They all include:
  • AM/FM reception
  • Bluetooth for wireless streaming & hands free calling
  •  clock/date display
Often if you’re looking for the most basic replacement for your original factory radio, a single din will be what you’re looking for.
Prices range from for the radio ($119 +)
$129 for typical installation, and parts vary widely among vehicles.
DDin stereos can be either touchscreen or non-touch.
All of the basic functions of car stereos (bluetooth, AM/FM) are included,
  • but many can also include features such as
  • Carplay/ Android Auto
  • Wireless mirroring,
  • GPS navigation,
  • DVD players

and allow for add-ons such as:

Sirius XM,
backup cameras,
or Maestro RR interfacing.

Feel free to contact us to find the right fit for your vehicle and needs.

Carplay/ Android Auto VS GPS Navigation

Knowing the key differences between GPS Navigation and

Carplay/ Android Auto Navigation

can make decisions about stereos easier,

and possibly save you money.

Car Stereos with built-in GPS navigation use satellite data to pinpoint your location and provide directions.
This is especially useful to have if you spend a bit of time out of cell service range.
Navigation is nearly always available even in remote locations.

For a less expensive option,
Carplay and Android Auto can run the maps from your phone to the head unit.
This works in any area with cell service.
In most cases, if you load the map from your phone at the start of your trip,
it will continue to provide directions through the route regardless of service.
Carplay/ Android Auto also offer other benefits such as hands-free calling and texting,
and your music, audio book, and podcast apps available right on your stereo screen.

Custom Dash Kits

Shiny Console
Have you been told that a new radio is not possible in your vehicle?
In many cases, it CAN be done!
Technology is changing quickly, and new solutions become available all the time.
Sometimes, however, custom fabrication is the only way to go.
Custom fabrication is typically more time and labor intensive, thus more expensive.
If you’re interested, we love doing custom work and will happily give you a quote.


Some vehicles have a head unit so integrated into the functions of the car that it cannot be swapped out.

In these instances, companies like Grom and ZZ2 can help.

They make vehicle specific interfaces to add Carplay/ Android Auto to the factory head unit.


SiriusXM Add-on Tuner

  • Compact size hides behind dash
  • Keep up with your favorite teams with SportsFlash channel
  • Current updates using Weather & Traffic Now channel
  • Create Personalized Stations Powered by Pandora
  • Dig in to 5000+ hours of On Demand shows, performances and interviews
  • Watch SiriusXM video online or on the app
  • Explore Xtra online channels
  • Receive personalized recommendations based on what you’re listening to

Quality of products and installation are a huge priority for us. For this reason, we only install Radios and head units sold here.

There’s a reason why head units on Amazon are so cheap. Many are fraudulent replicas of brand names, and others are no name electronics with big promises and no warranty.

We offer a wide variety of reliable brands, and can help you find the right stereo to suit your needs. If you’re not completely satisfied with your choice, let us know. We’re happy to find a solution. Our goal is to make you happy with your purchase for years to come!

Radio brands we support: