Eerie Frequency

We’ve all heard about the fictional Brown Note (brown note), but there is a very real low frequency that does actually impact us.

Infrasound, sound waves less than 20 hertz (Hz | cycles per second), is too low for most humans to hear, but it’s thought (proven, really) that that range of sound can resonate with us and our surroundings. Now, resonant frequencies are the lowest common denominator that vibrates a given structure. There’s a specific frequency within the infrasound that is thought to resonate specifically with human eyeballs (18.98 Hz). It’s thought that this frequency is to blame for seeing things out of the corner of your eye or for feelings of paranoia (which Michigan might be seeing a lot more of) due to it vibrating your eye balls and causing things to go slightly out of focus.

This all started with Vic Tandy, a British engineer, who kept seeing things out of the corner of his eyes while he was working alone in his lab in the middle of the night. It didn’t help that the lab he was working in was rumored to be haunted, but like any logical scientist, he narrowed the cause down to the ventilation fan. It turned out that the fans were spinning at the right rotations per minute to cause the ventilation system to vibrate at exactly 18.98 Hz. He went on to find that this very low frequency can be observed at numerous “haunted” locations due to fans, generators, water systems, or transit systems.

If you feel especially adventurous, you can listen to these youtube tracks that play those tones, but be sure to be using a listening device that can properly reproduce the tones (your Beats earbuds won’t cut it). These tones CAN be reproduced in car audio, and we’ll be happy to match you up with the speaker system you need to spook the hell out of your passengers.

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