Remote Starts

Premier Car Audio offers MECP certified installation!

Mobile Electronics Certified Professional


What is MECP? This stands for Mobile Electronics Certified Professional. This certification is not a requirement for the state of Michigan, but is an industry-wide symbol of knowledge and ability. It’s important to know that your technician is qualified to install aftermarket equipment correctly, and without causing damage to your vehicle.

Visit us today for a quality remote starter at an incredible price. Our installation is 100% lifetime guaranteed, and we promise to find the right products to fit your lifestyle.

Remote starts add more than just comfort! Here are the top 5 reasons to get a remote start this year:

#5. Heat your seats from inside your nice warm house! Just a click of the button, and you can begin your drive in comfort!
#4. No more scraping the windshield! Have your defroster do your dirty work.
#3. Never lose your car in a crowded lot again! (Not that it happens to you, of course..)
#2. Up your security system. Remote start/ alarm packages make locking and arming your car a breeze.
And #1. Improve your mood! If your car is warm, your kids are happy. If your kids are happy, you are happy!😁

Why we love our products:

We take pride in offering the best products on the market. Our remote starters offer flexibility:  upgrade your remotes to extend range, utilize two way paging, or opt for cell phone integration with DRONE mobile.

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Additional remote starters available!

Nearly every vehicle is compatible with aftermarket remote starts, but some require much more work and additional parts.

Speak to our technician for the best option for your vehicle.

Our Products

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Compustar T-Harness compatible remote starter kit includes brain, antenna, and one button remote and specific T-Harness for your vehicle. This means no splicing into your factory wiring. Fully up-gradable, and transferable.

Remote Start Kit

CM-7200 brain with interface module and 1 button remote. This system is compatible with any vehicle and is highly upgradable

Arctic Remote Start Kit

Model: AR910-S

800-ft max range remote start bundle with two 1-button, 1-way remotes. Includes CM900 control module.

idata BM1
No Wire Splicing, Soldering, etc.*Female and Male Connector Inputs*May require additional equipment
Web-programmable remote start solution for select BMW/Mini models 2005-2014. No key required for bypass. Includes plug and play installation t-harness. Supports 3x lock remote start from factory transmitter.


Flash Logic “Plug-n-play” remote start and T-harness
Works in listed vehicles:
BMW 1 Series: 2008-2013. BMW 3 Series: 2006-2011. BMW 5 Series: 2005-2010. BMW 6 Series: 2005-2010. BMW M3: 2008-2012.




Upgrade to a set of 4 button 1000′ of Range!

A Good Drone

The most powerful device for controlling and tracking your vehicle is already in your pocket! DroneMobile connects your vehicle to your smartphone – so that you can remote start, secure, and track your vehicle from virtually anywhere.

Nu Start

Upgrade to a 2 way, 4 button 3000′ of range