Top 6 Reasons to choose Arctic Start

1. Heating your vehicle

When most people hear remote start, they think of winter time. Remote starters are most popular in colder climates, where they can be used to heat the interior of your vehicle while defrosting the windows. This eliminates the need to scrape your windows, and having to sit in an ice cold car waiting for it to warm up.

2. Cooling your vehicle

Having a remote starter can also be beneficial in hot climates as well. On a nice 80° sunny day your car’s temperature can climb over 130°. In these conditions a remote starter can be beneficial as it allows your car to cool down before entry. No more burning yourself on that hot seat or steering wheel.

3. Improved range and communication over factory remote

Your vehicle may have come with remote start from the factory. If this is the case, you have probably noticed the limited range of your factory remote. An aftermarket remote start system will allow you to add an additional remote that will extend the range. Range can be extended up to 1-mile with the Arctic Start Edge 2X remote.

Your factory remote most likely has 1-way communication, which means you can send a command but you will not receive confirmation on if that command was successful or not. With the addition of an Arctic Start remote you can reap the benefits of having 2-way communication. This will allow you to get confirmation from your vehicle regarding the command that was sent.

4. Ability to use smartphone to control your car

Arctic Start remote starter systems are customizable, and there are many items and features that can be added. One of these items is called DroneMobile. DroneMobile is an add-on item that allows you to use your smartphone to communicate with your vehicle. You will be able to start your vehicle form practically anywhere with a cellular connection. DroneMobile has many more benefits which you can read more about here.

5. Ability to add security

An Arctic Start remote start system will allow you to add security features as well. Protecting your vehicle and your items inside is very important, so adding extra security features can be highly beneficial.

6. Re-sell value

If you ever decide to sell your vehicle, a remote start and or security system can increase the value. Many people seek the comfort and convenience of having a remote starter system.

If you are leaning towards getting a remote starter installed, make sure you have it professionally installed. To find a local dealer near you, use Arctic Start’s Dealer Locator.

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