Get hands-on remote start prep and installation training.

2 day course teaching the basics

Register Below:

$200 per person

Includes 2 days of training, light breakfast, lunch, and some swag.

Beginners will learn the basics of remote start installations:

  • How they work
  • What is happening in the vehicle during activation
  • Functions of key components such as relays, diodes, and resistors.

Hands-On Training in:

  • Programming dockable blades
  • Pre-wire techniques
  • In-vehicle hardwire connections
  • Programming unit, tach, and keyfobs
  • Troubleshooting/ tech support guidance


Please plan to bring your own wire strippers and side cutters

All other materials and tools necessary to perform the installation will be provided, as well as coffee & bagels, and lunch

We work primarily with Compustar/ Firstech products, and will focus on the CMX module in particular.  We choose to work with the CMX because of it’s versatility and expansion qualities, but this knowledge can be attributed to other brands and models.

For the business owners out there: we stand by our work and products. Our training can help your beginner and moderate installers to become more able and confident while installing remote starts in your shop. We hope to provide insight into the actual mechanisms of a remote start, allowing for greater understanding in the process. Matt has more than 20 years experience in this particular field, as well as automotive training, MECP certification, and automotive electrical certification. Lisa has been training with Matt for several years, and despite her born ineptitude towards all things electrical, has actually learned a lot and become a competent installer. All this to say, your guys are in good hands. We promise to help them in every way we can in the 2 days they spend with us.

Remote Start Training March 18 & 19th 2023 10 AM – 6 PM