Back-up Cameras

Aftermarket Alarm Systems:

Alarm-it Kit

  • The ALARMIT KIT includes a DAS 3-in-1 sensor that adds the following security features to your vehicle: dual-stage shock detection, tilt sensing, and accelerometer.
  • The alarm siren included in the ALARMIT KIT features a speaker that gets as loud as 105+dB; capable of scaring away intruders and alerting those nearby.
  • The E-LOCK relay included in the ALARMIT KIT functions as a “starter-kill”, which prevents your vehicle from being driven while your security system is armed; thus preventing auto-theft/carjacking.

Back up Cameras: the newest standard in vehicle safety

How it works

Momento By Christopher Nolan

The Momento R1 works exactly like backup cameras sold in newer vehicles – except instead of a separate screen, the R1 has a built-in LCD that is connected to cameras installed at the front and rear of your vehicle.

While you are driving normally, the Momento R1 screen remains off until you shift into reverse gear.

In-Mirror Backup Camera

The technology keeps advancing! Until we all have self-driving cars, here’s a list of add-ons that won’t break the bank:

Consumer Reports: Best safety add-ons 

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Car Stereos

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Why Invest in a Backup Camera?

If your car is newer than 2017, chances are you already have a back-up camera.  In May 2018 it became law for all passenger vehicles and trucks weighing less than 10,000 pounds to come with factory rearview monitoring equipment.

This technology is not exclusively for newer vehicles however, any vehicle can be updated with the addition of reasonably priced rearview cameras.

The camera allows for a wide-angle view of anything directly behind the car and in blind spots that would be impossible to see with rearview mirrors.

Not only does this system help with confidently backing into parking spaces, or backing out of tight spots, but it could potentially save the life of a small child or animal that is otherwise in danger of being unseen.


Rear View Mirror

Model#: MR-1000

Rearview mirror replacement w/ auto-dimming LCD. Includes dual-video inputs for connecting to a rear or front camera.

$429 installed

Momento C3 Back-up Camera to existing monitor

$189 installed

Voxx Adas back-up camera

$199 installed


  • High Performance 1089 HD CCD
  • Easy-to-mount Low Profile Metal Housing
  • Can be used in Front or Rear of Vehicle
  • Selectable Image: Normal/Mirror
  • Selectable Parking Lines: ON/OFF
  • 180° Viewing Angle
  • Low Light Sensitivity <0.1 Lux
  • Waterproof IP68 Rated
  • Video – NTSC/PAL

Advantages of Backup Cameras

Clearly, the most obvious benefit of a rear-facing camera is that it helps avert injury-causing and potentially fatal backover accidents by expanding your field of vision, particularly below the rear window or trunk level. Cameras also increase your ability to see beyond the width of a mirror’s image, helping to eliminate blind spots. But in addition to helping protect people and property behind a vehicle, cameras have a number of other benefits as well.

For example, backup cameras can help you park more quickly and safely. Rear-facing cameras give the driver a much clearer and more accurate view of obstacles behind the car, and most backup systems include a warning tone that lets you know when you’re getting too close to an object.

Almost all backup cameras feature on-screen guidelines: two parallel lines that help direct you into or out of parking spaces more easily. Some also feature a middle line that can help you keep the vehicle centered in the space. Modern color displays allow the system to change the color of the guidelines from green to yellow to red as you get closer to an obstruction. And that, combined with an audible warning from rear-facing sensors, can be very useful in preventing backover accidents.

If you tow a trailer, a backup camera can be especially helpful. The camera gives you a close-up view of the trailer as you line it up with your vehicle’s hitch, while line color and audible sensors keep you posted on distance.

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PCA Equalizer

Don’t be caught off guard!

Blind Spot Detection Systems (BSDs) can save lives. BSDs warn drivers when an object, person, or vehicle is in their blind spot.

iBeam TE-BSDK Blind Spot Detection Kit

  • Simple 4 wire connection
  • Reduce accidents and help the driver be more alert
  • Waterproof connection to protect them from the elements
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Buzzer with a hi-low-off
  • Sensors are not designed to be used with metal bumpers
The newest cars on the market come equipped with cameras and sensors. This is no longer a luxury add-on, but instead a standard safety feature. Back-up cameras and sensors can save you money and heartache by avoiding collisions. Cameras can also make maneuvering a trailer much less frustrating.
Most cameras can be interfaced with an existing monitor or an aftermarket rear-view mirror with a built-in screen. Call today to find the perfect solution for your vehicle!


Rear View Mirror

The R1 mirror has a hidden environment sensor that will automatically adjust the brightness of the LCD in different lighting.

In addition, if the R1 mirror is connected to a Momento C3 camera, the LEDs on the camera will adjust to the external lighting.

When you shift into reverse gear, the Momento R1 screen comes to life, showing you what is happening at the front and rear of your vehicle.

The Momento R1 also has parking lines to provide guidance when approaching a nearby object.