Back-up Cameras

Back up Cameras: the newest standard in vehicle safety

The newest cars on the market come equipped with cameras and sensors. This is no longer a luxury add-on, but instead a standard safety feature. Back-up cameras and sensors can save you money and heartache by avoiding collisions. Cameras can also make maneuvering a trailer much less frustrating.
Most cameras can be interfaced with an existing monitor or an aftermarket rear-view mirror with a built-in screen. Call today to find the perfect solution for your vehicle!

Why invest in a backup camera?

If your car is newer than 2017, chances are you already have a back-up camera.  In May 2018 it became law for all passenger vehicles and trucks weighing less than 10,000 pounds to come with factory rearview monitoring equipment.

This technology is not exclusively for newer vehicles however, any vehicle can be updated with the addition of reasonably priced rearview cameras.

The camera allows for a wide-angle view of anything directly behind the car and in blind spots that would be impossible to see with rearview mirrors.

Not only does this system help with confidently backing into parking spaces, or backing out of tight spots, but it could potentially save the life of a small child or animal that is otherwise in danger of being unseen.

The technology keeps advancing! Until we all have self-driving cars, here’s a list of add-ons that won’t break the bank:

Consumer Reports: Best safety add-ons 

Looking for a monitor to pair with your back-up camera?

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Car Stereos

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PCA Equalizer

There are a few options to add a monitor to your vehicle:

  • In most vehicles, we can install an aftermarket rear-view mirror with a built in LCD Screen. Screens vary from about 3″ wide to 7″ wide (full width). The LCD screen will be wired to turn on automatically when the vehicles is in reverse. We can also wire these to stay on all the time, which can be useful if your rear windows are blocked. Upgraded features such as auto dimming and temp and compass icons are available.
In-Mirror Backup Camera
  • We can install a touchscreen radio with rear-camera inputs. This will automatically switch to the back up camera image when the vehicle is in reverse. Some radios allow for the camera to be viewed at any time with the press of a button, or multiple camera inputs to include front cams or side cams. This can be useful for vehicles with long noses, like Corvettes.  If the radio does not have multiple camera inputs, we can add more with a video switcher.
  • We can install the camera along with a stand alone monitor that attaches to the dashboard, such as the iBeam 7″ dash mount monitor, This isn’t the best solution, as there is not often a good place to mount a stand-alone monitor, but in rare cases it may be the only option.

Don’t be caught off guard!

Blind Spot Detection Systems (BSDs) can save lives. BSDs warn drivers when an object, person, or vehicle is in their blind spot.